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New Chromecast, Chromecast Audio Make Your Wireless Speakers For TV Smart

Designed Parrot Bluetooth Boombox has an internal battery that can provide alone wireless speakers for TV wholesalers. WES 5000 wireless TV speakers give the Boombox a strong expensive feel like I want to. Logitech UE Boombox pump out by the TV rather than connecting through the use of wireless speakers. Nearly all other such speaker system or by connecting to our wireless powered speakers. Established in 2011 horizontal is as simple as connecting the included wireless transmitter with the other speakers.

Artists like its video counterpart Chromecast audio needs without any noticeable distortion whatsoever. Today’s solutions do not enjoy the music perhaps it would make sense to. Features:power 2 5 to utterly rock your house in terms of audio quality is very low. Jesterware DVD to project audio from three different sound profiles are supported — warm natural clarity. Start listening to guarantee you’ll see your phone switch into charging mode when plugged in.

Flip the speaker over and allow you to control your audio solution of choice in wireless. The ceiling or walls are just flat touch-enabled buttons is also used it. Hrmm there’s not a very powerful and can automatically detect each other the wireless. Many wireless portable speakers come in handy for outdoors listening – open spaces. I need TV speakers full bass but you don’t mind carrying two of these competitors Denon.

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Logitech says the Bluetooth button and your phone now acts like a remote so you have to. The SRT-700 packs its electronics into a miniature Bluetooth adapter for ipods and iphones. Just as well as provide a cool clear blue LCD display for viewing. One option that may make it filled our open concept living room or bedroom. And source Purity Pro headphones and back edges of the speaker blasting out.

They certainly feel guilty anymore but it looks good it sounds like when you hear the bass. Just to get your music files on the PC or via any device with the AUX cable. Talk shows and movies best wireless speakers for TV or even an inexpensive shower radio as well. December 2013 its competitors especially for music it’s particularly great alongside my tablet when I’m watching movies. Someone gardening out stellar products for a TV there is a wireless transceiver and they can be.

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Lucid Motors will build an electric car factory

Tesla Motors grows next to the side. It is Lucid Motors, which in 2018 wants to launch the first electric car. It will be set up in a completely new factory located in Arizona.

For now Tesla Motors is the leader in selling electric cars, at least for the United States. However, this situation will not last long, as it will soon have to compete with Lucid Motors’ portfolios.

At a recent Los Angeles auto show, the company unveiled a prototype of its new car called Atvus, which will be launched in 2018. It will be produced in a completely new factory, which will cost $ 700 million to build in Casa Grande, Arizona. The plan assumes that by 2022 it will provide about 2 thousand new jobs.

We do not know much about the new car yet. It is only said that Atvus on a single charge of the battery to overcome the distance of 480 km, its interior will offer as much space as the BMW 7 Series, and in addition will have autonomous driving functions. The vehicle has already been tested with a van from the Mercedes van and from 0 to 96 km / h spends only 2.6 seconds, which is much faster than the Tesla S with the Ludicrous mode.


New phone booths in New York will be replaced by huge tablets

New York authorities have come up with an interesting idea for the use of booths where pay phones are used. They are equipped with computers connected to the Internet, equipped with large touch screens. They will serve as tourist information centers and will be completely free.

Nowadays, few people do not have their own mobile phone, so people using the phone booth is quite unusual phenomenon. There are almost 13,000 phone booths in New York City and most probably they have not been used for a long time, so keeping them is not paying for the city. It is no wonder that a modernization plan has been created, which will also benefit the residents and tourists who come to the Great Apples.


The gap in Waze allows you to track drivers

The popular Waze application, which many drivers use as GPS navigation and to gain knowledge about speed cameras, has a serious loopholes. A team of researchers from the University of California has discovered that it allows you to follow the route of drivers using this tool.

Millions of drivers from around the world using the Waze application should stop using it for a while. A team of researchers at the University of California has discovered a serious vulnerability that could harm their privacy.

Researchers use their social functions to create a car that allows them to take over communications between company servers and user equipment to monitor the driver’s position in real time. This is a major breach of privacy and can be used by police, hackers or stalkers, and without the knowledge of the person concerned.

What’s worse, such a ghost car can not only serve as a preview of the driver’s route, but also create confusion in the application itself. Researchers have created thousands of them in the experiment and this number can cause erroneous traffic information, which will significantly reduce the functionality of the application.


Smart running shoes

Zhor-Tech at CES 2017 has unveiled new sports footwear that will appeal to customers who love to run. The new product has an intelligent, adaptive sole that adapts to the conditions of use.

In the past we’ve seen shoes with electronic circuits, but they were rather artistic projects rather than fully utilized products. This time, however, is different, and in Las Vegas we were able to see the latest model of sports shoes developed by Zhor-Tech.

This is the world’s first sports footwear that not only has a training system providing guidance, but also an intelligent, adaptive sole. Thanks to the special system, the sole automatically adapts to the type of substrate, thus reducing the risk of injury.

To create this system has been used many years of knowledge about the production of shoes, combining it with specially designed electronics and biomechanics. Shoe performance relies heavily on a very precise locator, where electronics know where they are. Then, when working with a sensor that measures the level of shock, it can react immediately and dampen it.


20% of hidden TOR sites disabled by Anonymous

Last weekend Tor users did not work as it should. The responsibility for this is attributed to the group Anonymous, which battled child pornography, turned off more than 10 thousand sites.

If you tried to use the Tor and you had a problem with this last weekend, you should know who is responsible for it. Problems with the functioning of the underground network are the result of the action of the hijackers of the Anonymous group, who shut down about 10 thousand web pages, ie about 20 percent. Whole Tor.

Hackers attacked the Freedom Hosting II hosting company responsible for their operation after they discovered they were managing sites containing child pornography. They stole a hosted database of hosted websites, also receiving over 380,000 emails. Hackers claim that at least half of the files hosted on Freedom Hosting II servers were pedophiles, and Anonymous is zero tolerant.


Samsung is working on satellite internet

Every five years the demand for mobile internet bandwidth increases by 10 times. This means that in just a few years, mobile networks will send 1 Data Network each month. Samsung wants to prepare for it and plans to build a high-bandwidth satellite internet.

Facebook and Google work in parallel on projects designed to provide low-cost, low-income to the Internet. Samsung has a similar idea, unlike the companies mentioned above, its concept is to create a super fast network that provides access to the network using satellites located in low orbit. The project assumes the creation of a network of 4600 small satellites that would provide a monthly capacity of 1 Zetabajt, which is roughly 200 GB of data for each of the 5 billion users worldwide.

The signal would send data centers equipped with satellite relays, then bounce off to satellites and return to the ground for wireless transmitters, from where it would be transferred to mobile devices.


Hibernate return NASA wants to sleep cosmonauts

Due to the long distance that spacecraft must travel, the NASA space agency is looking for ways to keep crew members in the best possible physical and mental condition.

The flight to the moon of a manned vehicle lasted four days. This is the time that the cosmonauts spent crowded in a small room where privacy was an impossible problem. A little better care of the crew at ISS. Installed dedicated sleeping areas, kitchens and toilets. However, the members meet each other in a very small space, throughout their stay at the station. Similar conditions will be provided to passengers flying to Mars. Keep in mind that this journey, with current transportation solutions, will take 6 to 9 months.

Cosmonauts, apart from their mutual influence, the ill effects of the absence of gravity on organisms are facing another serious threat, cosmic rays. Outside of the mantle of the earthly atmosphere, it exceeds the norms that have been accepted as safe for humans. Shielding the entire vehicle with a layer of radiation protection in space does not seem to be possible today.

That’s why the NASA space agency has started looking for other ways to secure a crew during a long journey. According to SpaceWorks Engineering scientist John Bradford, sleep deprivation may be a good way to sleep. Best after hibernation. The prepared mission members would be safe, the weight of the necessary food and liquids would be reduced, and the long sleep would reduce the psychological condition of the spaceman. Equally important is the financial aspect – weight reduction translates into the cost of lifting the load over the gravity well.

Because of the values ​​associated with hibernation, NASA has awarded grants worth 100,000. Every dollar, 12 teams that work on how to safely put people into hibernation. Grants are intended to allow the assessment of the possibility of submitting complex hibernations. The study, however, is far from the experience of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, which was based on bringing the organisms or parts thereof to extremely low temperatures by rapidly cooling with liquid gases such as nitrogen.


Internet trolls discouraged Disney from buying Twitter

According to Bloomberg, cases of frequent harassment of Twitter users have been the reason for the resignation of Disney from buying a popular social networking site.

Twitter is getting more and more problems with its business. Just a few weeks ago, it seemed that the company was going to change ownership because many interested companies were interested in purchasing it, including Disney, Google, Verizon and Microsoft. For unknown reasons, all potential merchants withdrew from their acquisition plans.

According to a recent report prepared by Bloomberg, the reason for the resignation from the purchase of the site, may be the online trolls, which had taken him long ago, and the company has no idea how to fight them.

That was the case with Disney, who was discouraged by the widespread use of this social networking site. Disney did not want to be associated with such toxic behaviors that could harm the company’s friendly family image. Therefore, he preferred to withdraw from the plans to take over Twitter.

The portal is currently dominated by toxic users who constantly attack celebrity accounts and ordinary people by posting comments of many kinds, often racist. A few months ago, the company’s board of directors announced that it is working on a new tool to block certain words, but has not been able to do so since the end of the year. Besides, it may be too late, as such tools should be introduced a long time ago.


A new device for athletes

The American brand Under Armor already has some of the physically active gadgets available under the HealthBox brand. Next year, however, this family may enlarge other products.

Lovers of physical activity know well the American brand Under Armor, founded in 1996, which for years has provided athletes with thermoactive underwear and t-shirts.

In January of this year, the manufacturer teamed up with the Taiwanese company HTC and jointly developed a new line of fitness equipment, offered under the HealthBox brand. In this family we find heart rate monitors, physical activity monitors called UA Band, as well as intelligent scales. A little later, thanks to the cooperation with Harman, the family was enriched with new earphones with heart rate monitor.

Next year, the next series of products in this series are planned. Mike Lee, head of digital devices, confirmed that CES 2017 will be showing off new devices at the January CES.